Books That Will Change Your Life: Want a Journey of Incredible Self-Discovery and Learning?

Books That Will Change Your Life: Finding Your Own North Star


Today I have something special for you on the topic of insightful books that will change your life.  Therefore, if you’re possibly in the market for a self-help book which will take you on the ultimate journey of self-discovery, you’re in for a treat.

The lady author who scribed this book is a certified life coach, and truly loves helping people. She knows that when people just put in the necessary effort, they can become enlightened, and change (for the better).

How is this done? Well, I’ll tell you this much – this is no short book – it’s 400 pages, made up of 20 chapters that have you answer questions about yourself.

You first will read an actual person’s story. Then the author, Martha Beck, comments on this person’s personal journey and what it took for them to “come to grips” with their personal demons, and ultimately rectify their situation. Then you’ll do a quiz, answer some questions, and reflect for a while.

Once you go through this for around 20 chapters, there is a progression which occurs. That is, you become educated about yourself, and have “aha moments” – you really do have to devote some quiet time when others will not disturb you.

Some real self-examination is required, you see. But the reward is you’ll figure out WHY you have “knee jerk reactions” to certain things (do to trauma, or family drama from your past perhaps).

Books That Will Change Your Life: Self Improvement and Reward

This whole process takes time – months for some, and maybe weeks for others. It depends on how much free time you have (where you aren’t going to be interrupted). This is the type of thing where you get out of it what you put into it.

One suggestion I’ll make is not to try to do too many chapters (and accompanying quizzes) in a 48 hour period; you have to actually sit around and reflect a while, and you may not come up with the “truly inspired answers” if you try to rush things.

Sometimes, sleeping on things can help. Meaning, if there’s something you’re attempting to figure out about the past, and can’t quite recall a certain detail – well, it may help to sort of meditate on it as you drift off to sleep.

It works for me – in the morning, I often have an inspiration. A recall – An “aha” moment.

Books That Will Change Your Life: Martha Has Some Suggestions

Martha Beck will help you live your life more joyfully. Via a series of exercises, she helps you read your internal compasses; she helps you to articulate your core desires, identify and repair the unconscious beliefs that may be blocking your progress.

In addition, she teaches you to trust your own intuition; I find this easy to do, but for some this is a real challenge. But the way that Martha explains things so beautifully (and with wit), you’ll gain a better understanding of it all.

Books by thoughtful authors truly have the ability to invoke certain changes in your life – often, the reader will experience a dramatic breakthrough, or improvement in their life.

Just bear in mind you should never rush the process. What’s worth having is worth waiting for; if you think it’s a panacea, or magic, you’re wrong.  It’s really just simply a matter of being determined to put in the time (and effort), and go down the road to self-discovery and enlightenment.

It may take more than just this one resource; yet in the category of books that will change your life, this one is surely in the top 5.  I really think it can help you. 


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