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Beginners WordPress Lessons
Alt Tag SEO:  Easy Steps for Preparing Your Image

Hi, I’m Jan Ashby  Jan Ashby    Today’s SEO tutorial is regarding the proper use of images in your WordPress blog posts.

It is about not getting slapped, or penalized by the search engines for doing it wrong.  It is very much worthwhile to have some images in your blog posts – for one thing, it tells Google (or Bing and Yahoo) what the post is about.  And images can also engage your visitor – if you choose your images wisely, taking care to match it to your content, they you will likely keep your bounce rate down (you know, as in Google Analytics measure of performance).

Here’s a Simple Example: if you are in the internet marketing field, you would not want a picture of anything other than your product (or course); if you are offering a service, such as ranking a video high in the Google search engine, then you’d want to select a “seo-related” image – they have these at Big Stock photo, for your information.

Sakura Project

Quick Tip: You can also find some free images through Sakura Project – if you join as a “Free member” (Bronze) you get access to various images.

Quick Tip #2:  If you want to use a series of images for your post, use a unique keyword phrase for each.

Proper SEO (search engine optimization) – From Google’s Perspective

You need to understand that search engines, smart as they are, cannot GRASP what an image is about – without some sort of metadata, Google, Yahoo and Bing are lost.  You should routinely be in the habit of adding “alternate text” to your image description..

Beginners WordPress: Blog Training and  Alt Tag SEO

Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase an Image. Save it to your computer.  When you SAVE the image to your hard drive, give it a keyword-based name (the keyword phrase you’ve chosen to target)
  2. Title of Your Image
  3. Alternate Text

Be on Topic in Selecting Your Image

It is necessary to know that your image should be in context i.e., your image should always be relevant to your content !  You wouldn’t ever put  a   photo of a high-powered camera for example, if you were promoting a course on SEO.   Please ensure your image makes sense.

Creating Your Post:  Inside the WordPress Dashboard

Now that you’re inside the dashboard, and are set to craft your blog post, here is what you’ll need to do.  You add the image from your computer; what’s now?  Well, you need to CLICK on the image – this causes a dialog box to appear, allowing you to enter both the Alt Tag Title for your image, and the

alternate text  

After you insert these 2 things, you may use the “Advanced” option to add additional info.  For instance, you might create a border around your image, or you might put some padding in – for this, you will see 2 BOXES where you list the amount of padding you desire, in pixels.     (I generally add “4” or “5” for my padding)

Alt Tag SEO:  Double-Check What You’ve Done

:-P   Now the very first time you’re doing this,  it is advisable to double-check your work – to ensure that you’ve entered the SAME exact keyword phrase for both Alt Tag Title and for alternate text.

How could you do this?  Once you’ve published your post, you could go back into your wordpress editor and take these STEPS:

Find your image, and just click on it.  This will bring up 2 tiny icons – you want to click the one on the left.  Now you’ll be able to LOOK at what you’ve done; so just verify that your Alt Tag Title and your alternate text do match.

See, that wasn’t too challenging, now was it? !   Alright, now that you’ve named your picture & given it a bit of seo, time to REAP the rewards .. what I mean is your blog post now has a better chance to rise in the rankings.  Naming your picture demonstrates that your blog content is indeed relevant to the subject matter.

Final Thoughts: Doing Alt Tag SEO

One Final Point– taking a bit of EXTRA time to perform “Alt-tag seo” is actually worth the time – your images can, and frequently will, appear in Google Image searches .

If you should desire some extra info on the topic, you can go to this SEO post, and listen to an audio (Bottom of the page). It’s my other website called “Life Skills

Jan Ashby

I hope you have enjoyed my seo tutorial on “alternate text”, Alt Tag Title and image SEO.  If you enjoy learning, and think you would like to learn more about our friendly little group (Sakura Project) you can VISIT this hyperlink .  There’s a bunch of Free stuff – to enhance your education.

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