Alt-Tag SEO: A WordPress for Beginners Lesson

WordPress for Beginners: SEO Hints and Tips

Hello. I am Jan Ashby, an internet marketer and wordpress user. I want to help the Beginners to wordpress today. If you fall into this category – beginner to seo and wordpress, this post is just for you!

I want to do a brief lesson on blog posts, and adding your images. For seo purposes, you want to please the search engines. So I’ll help you visualize Alt-tag seo – which simply means optimization of your blog’s images.

Don’t worry, I’ll also add the Alt-Tag SEO video here, to help you visualize it better.

After all, some people do learn better with video. And others like to READ fast. So I’m giving you both options.

ALT-TAG SEO: For Beginners

  STEPS: There are 3 basic things to do

  1) When saving a chosen image to your computer, you want to
     NAME the file with the keyword you’ve selected

  2) Title your image with your chosen keyphrase

  3) Alternate Text – Use chosen keyword for this    


Chosen Image: Make Sure Your Image is Relevant

 Naturally, you wouldn’t want to use an irrelevant picture – if you’re promoting an internet marketing course, you wouldn’t plop a picture of a high-powered camera in the middle of your post                                 


Want Some Help? Check out Sakura

If you are one who occasionally requires some hand-holding and seo tips and hints, you may want to check out my blog – LIFE SKILLS TRAINING

(If you find out you like the free training, you may ultimately like to get with the Sakura Project (I’m a founding member).  It offers good free training – so it’s up to you, keep an open mind – and bear in mind the following about SAKURA:

It is a place you can go to get help, where the people are actually patient.  I remember when I first started to learn about the Internet, and about all things “seo” – I’ll never forget how impatient some teachers were.

It is not that way with Sakura – extremely patient wordpress advisors who will help you get your first blog “up and running” – Michael Camire, in particular, is really good.

If you would like to learn more about seo and wordpress – you could visit this blogYou’ll see 2 videos on the page – watch the first one first, and you’ll witness just how PATIENT John Jarvis, creator of Sakura, is. 

Here’s a picture of him –


He is quite knowledgable in the seo world.  No B.S. !

Also, he holds weekly conferences to resolve any questions which may arise for beginners to WordPress.  So keep that in mind.

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