What is a Blog Used For – Read The Scoop

What is a Blog Used For? A Variety of Things

–  By Jan Ashby        

Companies use blogs for marketing purposes, and quite simply to build public trust. It is their goal to attract targeted visitors, and give them quality content. A company blog should provide useful information, so that the visitor will want to become a loyal reader.

Did you know that blogs are truly a great marketing tool to have? They can be used to keep a visitor on the site longer. These days a business can easily use a blog to drive profits.

One of the top strategies for a well-known restaurant would be to offer a voucher, or coupon, at the corporate website. And the bistro can tie it in with Twitter, and offer people a coupon in exchange for a positive comment.

Promotion can also be in the form of an online contest, with the victor able to win a significant prize – maybe a voucher for an all-expenses paid vacation to Hawaii.

And there are other innovative promotional methods that a company can employ through the use of a blog. For instance, companies can have their blogs connected up with Facebook – and then drive traffic from your blogs to Facebook, collecting “likes” along the way. A company can quickly build a loyal fan base at facebook, by offering value to users.   


Interacting with Others: Social Websites

Develop a blogging strategy that uses social media, too. And don’t forget to be social, and interact with others. Read their material, and make recommendations when you find value (others will notice when you plug their material).

By doing this, you’ll build a loyal fan base over time. Also make sure your site has full integration with the top social sites – be sure to feature Google Plus, Stumbleupon, Twitter, You Tube and Facebook.

In the future, there will be new social media websites; choose wisely, the number you commit to.

Further Uses and Ideas

Moreover, blogs can be used to display squeeze pages. Lead brokers often use this tactic. They make a nice chunk of change by driving web traffic to their lead capture page.

By following some of the more aggressive tactics used by internet marketers and big-time bloggers, a small business can also make money. It’s not hard. By using both Facebook and a wordpress blog, and providing useful content, a smaller business can drive a ton of traffic to a lead capture page – and have an employee follow up.

You see, communication is key. It is still important to touch base with one’s clients – do not abandon the telephone. For it enables a personal touch, and this is still important.

You can share a variety of things over the phone with a potential customer – insights which are not easily obtained at the company website. For example, the customer (or potential client) can be made aware of a sister site – or can be issued a special offer (or invitations, vouchers etc).

There are many versatile tricks to employ. And while they may seem a bit aggressive, in today’s difficult economy a business must use every possible tool or technique (as long as it’s not a “black-hat” strategy – these are a thing of the past).

Employers Must Have a Good Image

So long as you understand that it’s essential to have integrity, and care about your clients or customers – and provide them with value – you’ll do fine.

Set your goals high, and communicate frequently with people; you can read more about systems I use, and tools I appreciate, at my website.


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