Best Blog to Use: Various Blogging Platforms Reviewed

Blogging Platforms:  Your Options    By Jan Ashby

This Post has many RESOURCES, in terms of Blog Layout, Content Curation, How to Blog, social media tips, LEAD Generation, Mistakes to Avoid.

Take a look at this comprehensive post, and many of your questions will be answered in terms of What is The Best Blog to Use


What is the best blog to use, in terms of blogging platforms?  Is it Moveable Type, WordPress, SquareSpace, Tumblr?     Best Blog Engine: What is Best Blog to Use?

Well, only you can decide that. It depends on your goals for your blog, and what its purpose is. Do you intend to use it for business? Is it to be used commercially, or for a charity? Or will it be strictly for personal use?

You must know the purpose of your blog.  Blogging Platforms for You Lay out some goals.

In terms of comparing BLOGGING PLATFORMS, I have an excellent article that lays it all out for you – so I will refer you HERE .

Make an Outline of Your Blog for a Good Business Blog

There are various elements to your blog. You will need to choose the theme of your blog, the color (both background and color of text), and whether your blog will feature video or audio; also what will your use of IMAGES be?  There are MANY important decisions to weigh and consider, in order to have a good business blog.  

Will your images be black and white or color? What will your linking policy be? Will you have a blogroll?

How about the layout and navigationdo you want the navigation to be multi-tier?  Will it feature RSS, or a sidebar?

What about blogging for income ?


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