Beginners WordPress Lessons: Internet Marketing Training Lessons

Hi, I’m Jan Ashby ..  Jan Ashby  Hello beginners to WordPress. If you’re a newbie, this special post is for you.

I’m including a list of resources on keyword research (and internet marketing training) at the end of this post. I’ve been teaching Beginners WordPress and enjoy doing so. I used to teach Drivers Ed and English. I like to help people – if you are new to the “internet game” you may want to look over some of my free internet marketing training ..

If you’re curious at to what kind of training there is – well, I will reveal that it is information about the wordpress dashboard. The video at the TOP of the page (at Life Skills) tells of the Initial Steps one would do upon installing wordpress (in one’s cpanel).


Video Marketing with John Jarvis: Video SEO and Education

As far as the training, there is a gentle giant at the helm – I am referring to John Jarvis  JOHN JARVIS (who knows a Lot about seo and keyword research), and he will patiently guide you through the various plugins, and also Askimet. He is going to tell you about organizing a blog post – and about fonts and headers (as well as an intro on “Tiny MCE” editor – an advanced editor).

It’s a demonstration video. It’s excellent for beginners. In combination with the tutorial, view the Blog Template I hyperlinked in this sentence. It demonstrates how to execute “h1” tags, “h2″ and “h3” tags, coding for BOLD/italics, as well as how to Center things on a page.

Alt-Tag SEO

Another useful lesson for newbies is in the area of SEO. It pertains to images and is termed “alt-text SEO“. I made an instructional video post on this. It runs about 4 minutes long, and is a simple to digest lesson.

It’s especially for newcomers to WordPressthere are captions within the video – so it’s fairly easy to follow along.


FREE Internet Marketing Training: Twitter      Create a Blog Template to Stay on Track

Understanding the Importance of Social Media     What is a Blog used For

How to WIN Targeted Visitors to Your Site 

For more advanced internet marketing lessons, start with Internet Marketing Training 




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