Creating a Blog Site: WordPress for Beginners

WordPress for Beginners – Getting Started with WordPress

Making a Blog: How to Build a Website    Getting Started with WordPress - Making a Blog

Making a blog is not as difficult as you might imagine. Writing a blog takes a bit of creativity. But once you learn the ins and outs of wordpress, creating a blog is not so challenging.

There is a tutorial by John Jarvis that I will list at the end of this post – it shows you how to build a WordPress website from scratch, and consists of five steps.


getting started with WordPress

you eventually will want to explore premium WordPress themesFor these will truly make your life easier.  I will give you an example.

Take the Genesis theme,  which is one of the best premium WordPress themes. One of the things that makes the Genesis theme useful is it features a plug-in that enables one to code easily; specifically, you no longer will have to edit inside the PHP editor, which can be a real pain –  

Instead of going into the bowels of WordPress you will have an easier method of editing and coding.  And won’t that make you  a happy camper .. 

Getting Started with WordPress: Blogging Tutorial

In getting started with WordPress, the main thing is to be unafraid and just go ahead and  dive in!! I’ve been able to create more than eight WordPress sites by now, and I got my start using   Free Blog sites

Free Blog Sites:  These Can Help You Explore

You can use free blog sites at the outset, to get your feet wet sites such as blogger,, or tumbler   Free Blog Sites

When you are new and are first getting started with WordPress, you may be afraid to make a mistake.  yet remember

creating a blog site

can be fulfilling.

Mentoring Lessons with John Jarvis and Jan Ashby

I am going to provide you a John Jarvis tutorial on how to build a Website.  It covers getting  your own domain name, getting hosting, how to upload WordPress to your web hosting account, your own “domain name” e-mail account, and finally an introduction to the best WordPress plug-ins for search engine optimization.

If you think starting a blog site is challenging it isn’t, with John Jarvis’s blogging tutorial.  You must be patient, at the outset.  As a WordPress beginner, you must set aside a block of time for creating your own blog.

And be sure to take notes on creating your own WordPress blog .

Creating a Blog Site Can Be Fun

I wager You will find it exciting and fulfilling. I have found it to be so. Try out free blog sites such as – It has many neat features, although it does not allow advertising –  nor does it come with a bounty of WordPress plug-ins.

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, begin to study about WordPress plugins, WordPress widgets and premium Wp themes;  remember the benefits of

premium Wp themes   premium wp themes

such as the Genesis theme or Optimize Press.

I explained this earlier, in the third and fourth paragraphs.   I look forward to helping you on your WordPress journey. As a beginner to wordpress,  you need not be  intimidated – remember Jan Ashby and John Jarvis John Jarvis  are here to help you .

Here is that url I promised in the first paragraph –

Good Luck to You –

Jan Ashby   JAN ASHBY

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