Creating a Blog Site: WordPress for Beginners

WordPress for Beginners – Getting Started with WordPress Making a Blog: How to Build a Website    Making a blog is not as difficult as you might imagine. Writing a blog takes a bit of creativity. But once you learn the ins and outs of wordpress, creating a blog is not so challenging. There is a […]

Beginners WordPress Lessons: Internet Marketing Training Lessons

Hi, I’m Jan Ashby ..    Hello beginners to WordPress. If you’re a newbie, this special post is for you. I’m including a list of resources on keyword research (and internet marketing training) at the end of this post. I’ve been teaching Beginners WordPress and enjoy doing so. I used to teach Drivers Ed and […]

Social Skills Games and Social Skills Activities: Ideas for You to Increase Camaraderie

By JAN ASHBY This article is about “social skill activities”. So what am I going to tell you about? Basically, the following: fun team building activities social skills games social skills ideas free social skills activities social skills lessons …